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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last week I made a plan with the supervisor of Evil Caseworker that the girls would go for respite this weekend, come back here for two weeks, enabling them to go to their last soccer game and football (cheerleading) game, have Halloween here, then go on the following weekend for good. Before presenting it to the supervisor I talked it over with the kids to see what they wanted to do, and this was essentially THEIR plan...time to say goodbye, finish up the sports, and follow through with the plans they already had. The supervisor thought that this was a great plan.

Today I pick them up from the respite. They are beyond filthy dirty. Just plain gross, and as usual the adults don't talk to me. Whatever. Amy gave me a nice card that she had made thanking me for being a great foster mother. Then they started telling me about their weekend. It started with bike riding at their new school. I admit, hearing about it stung, but that's to be expected. And Anna informed ME that she needed shoes with heels because T told her that EV was going to pay for her to take horseback riding lessons.

Then Amy said, "T said that Evil Caseworker might move us this weekend instead!" I said, "I thought the plan was for you to stay until all the sports were over, and you had wanted to be here for Halloween?" "Yeah, but EC wants us to the there for Halloween so she might just move us." "What would you like to do?" "Well now I'm all confused, and I don't know what to do!"

Frigging hell. SEE?!?! This has been the problem all along. Why would the foster mother tell this to the child? UGH! It gets better. "T said that EC is going to get her a voucher so we can go to J.C. Penny's and get all new clothes!" Now my blood is boiling! They have SO many clothes, and hello asshole, how about paying me some of the hundreds of dollars you owe me before giving out vouchers for clothes that the kids don't even need!!!!

Then I was criticized for not sending church clothes. Well they have never before taken the kids to church, and I just heard Amy tell Gary that this was only the second time the family has even been themselves. If there were COMMUNICATION the ADULT could have informed me that she planned to take the kids to church and then the other ADULT could have packed something appropriate!

And this is the best gem...Amy told Gary that they only way they can get the FIVE YEAR OLD Kindergarten attending child to sleep is to keep sneaking in and leaving a bottle full of milk. Then they go back an refill it until she falls asleep. Yeah. That's just great parenting. Yeah, I'm being totally judgmental, but I'm just so pissed off.

Know what, it's in MY best interests for them to move this weekend. I don't want to deal with this shit any longer. But I don't believe that it is in the KIDS best interest. And once again hearing "the plan" from the kids is just SO WRONG!

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Yondalla said...


Serenity prayer my friend. I know it is terrible. I understand. I really do.

But what can you control?