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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I decided that since I have a case of fish in the freezer I should really cook it. Chowder sounded good so I started cooking the fish. No less than THREE times have I walked into the kitchen, gaged, decided something must have died, then remembered that I was cooking fish. Now it is grossing me out to the point that I know I cannot eat it, or any of the remaining fish in the case. Ugh. The question is, will I remember how grossed out I am before or after I cook up another batch?

The GAL called today and we arrainged to have her be the person who actually moves the girls. This is a huge relief because I can not imagine handing the kids over to this family for good. My stomach churns thinking about his woman raising them. These kids are super intelligent and I think she is about as bright as a hamster. Speaking of hamsters, here's a cute story. When Candy moved in with this family they bought her a hamster. It lives in the 8'X8" room that Candy and Amy will now share. In addition to telling the girls that the moving plan had changed (when it hadn't) and that they could start horseback riding lessons if they come THIS weekend instead of next, she also told Candy that it was no longer HER hamster but a TEAM hamster and told Amy that she would need to clean the cage. WHAT THE HECK?!?! Let's play a game shall we? How many things can you find wrong with this exchange?

Maybe we can all say a prayer that the hamster will revolt and take over raising the children. I can't imagine that it would do a worse job. It wouldn't be able to read the pill bottle, but neither can the foster mother so that's a wash. And since the hamster couldn't lift the 5 year old's bottle full of milk it might snuggle with her instead, a vast improvement, no?

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Tudu said...

I am so sad for the girls but ROFL at your post.