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Monday, October 22, 2007


Is it wrong to go door to door asking for chocolate cake? Because man, I would have killed for some chocolate cake after dinner. Instead I tried to have the Lindt Chocolates but couldn't bear to open them because they are too special. So I packed them to go to the hospital. I will celebrate with chocolate truffles!

Saw the doc this evening. Everything continues to look good and doc continues to be supportive of me in ways I didn't think possible of someone with a medical degree. When I told her about the stress with the girls leaving she told me that they know in their hearts what is really going on and someday they will come back and let me know that. She reminded me that in addition to the stress of grieving that loss, I will also be mourning the pregnancy loss from two years ago. I hadn't even thought about that...but I think she is very insightful to remind me.

Then we talked about how much the baby is moving and I told her it makes me worried about a cord injury. She asked if I knew what to do if I had a cord issue (while birthing) at home. I told her I did. She asked if I was comfortable with it. I told her I knew what to do but I certainly wasn't COMFORTABLE with it. So she gave me a quick lesson, and even talked to me about clamping and cutting the cord once the head was out if need be. I assured her that I had every intention of getting to the hospital because honestly, I wasn't taking good enough care of me to be trusting me right now, but really, how many doctors would feel comfortable teaching their patients this way? She is amazing.

Then I asked to be tested for GBS. I usually refuse it, and I'm not worried about it, but testing negative will make it easier at the hospital, while not testing and testing positive would have the same impact. Anyway, she asks if I would prefer to do it myself (heck yes!), gives me an overview of how to take the culture and hands me the sterile swab and a pair of gloves. How awesome is that!?!? I feel really comfortable that she "gets me" and will completely respect what I want and need at the birth.

My blood sugar was great too. Despite accidentally eating some chocolate before leaving for the appointment (and the reason it was accidental is that I forgot I would be checking my glucose level!) it was only 106 almost two hours later. I reasoned that I should go home and eat more chocolate before my blood sugar dropped any lower. Which brings us back to the chocolate cake; of which I have none. Pregnant women should have chocolate cake!

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Tudu said...

I think any woman with or without child should have chocolate cake when they feel the need.