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Monday, September 24, 2007


This afternoon I went to lay down with Matthew. I was still asleep when I heard Noah come in and tell me that someone was here and he didn't know who it was. I was still groggy, hair sticking up and out, and Matthew was all out of sorts having been woken as well. Joshua figured out that it was the transportation to take the foster children to their visit and went out to tell them (AGAIN!) that they need to pick them up at the school.

Matthew needs me to sit with him for a bit longer so I settle in on the couch with him when the phone rings. It's the state notifying me that there will not be a visit today. They actually said, "the visit that is supposed to start in 30 minutes, it isn't happening." Apparently they were unable to get a hold of the transportation people (shocking really because they are sooooo dependable! cough cough). I desperately start calling the school and try to explain to them what is going on so they can send the kids home and not let the transportation people take them. This is fun as one of the children waiting in the office to be picked up doesn't even attend that school but takes a special bus over to be picked up with her sister because transportation is unable to actually pick them up at two locations. For some reason it's just too much to keep track of, and as I have demonstrated in the above paragraph, just getting them to the ONE school is too much most days.

Confident that the kids will not be sent off to the distant city with no one to retrieve them I okay pudding. The next thing I know, Matthew, COVERED in chocolate pudding is rolling on the carpet. Chocolate pudding EVERYWHERE. So I instinctively yelled, he started to cry, and of course wanted to be comforted by rubbing chocolate pudding all over me. Then I had to just sit and look at the pudding marks while yelling at the other children to "WATCH OUT FOR THE PUDDING!" because that damn PAIN came back along with the contractions and all I could do was sit and try not to cry.

It just occurred to me that the state spent much time trying to contact the transportation company before calling me and it seems ONLY called me because they didn't get a hold of the transportation company. HELLO? Doesn't it seem more important that the kids are taken care of first? If they HAD gotten hold of the driver I predict that after every other child had been picked up from school I would have gotten a phone call from the school that all the buses had left and the kids were still there. That wouldn't be the first such call. Gaw! Idiots.

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