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Saturday, September 15, 2007


All parents want to believe that their children are perfect despite evidence to the contrary. Few children even come close. Most parents don't even have a clue what their kids are up to. Take for instance the child that would call here EVERY afternoon a minimum of FIVE times trying to set up a "play date".

Then there was the child who would call just as often, but couldn't quite figure out the machine.
Message 1: "No body answered the phone" Beep
Message 2: I don't think anyone is home" Beep
Message 3: CAN KATHERINE PLAY?" Beep
Message 4: I don't know why they won't pick up the phone" Beep
Message 5: KATHERINE?!?! I don't know if anyone is home." Beep

And let's not forget the kid who calls and hangs up. Calls and hangs up. Calls and hangs up. Calls and hangs up. Calls and hangs up. This goes on until I can't take it anymore and answer or he can't take it anymore and leaves a message. It's such a fun game.

The point? I have never said anything to any of the parents. I'm sure they have no idea that their kid is calling someone over and over. And I don't think MY KID has ever done so either. (See the problem with this logic?)

Recently one of my kids lied to me. I bought the child's story hook, line, and sinker. I won't go into details to protect the child's (perceived) image, but if I told you the story you would not have bought it. I can't believe that I bought it. What the child said happened was so out of character that I shouldn't have been surprised to get a call from the school with the real story, but I was FLOORED! I'm still in shock that I was LIED to.

Today another child was involved in an incident involving many children and my kid's cell phone. There were actually several incidents that took place in several different locations. My child was present for all of them, and the child's phone was implicated in all of them. And yet when the child proclaims innocence, I believe it. We interviewed all the involved children and the parents, and my child's story actually matches up. I believe my child. Remember, the common denominator is not only my child but my child's phone.

Someone slap me upside the head!


Yondalla said...

It took me a while to learn to cope with kids who lie.

It is difficult, but it can be done.

Carmen said...

Something very similar happened to me. My son supposedly made prank calls to a teacher while at a party, but told me he didn't. I believed him until I checked the phone log with the cell phone company. Boy, was I pissed off when I realized he'd lied to me.

Innocent Observer said...

This kid I still believe. The other I know for sure lied, but I defended them both. That is what is so maddening...coming out all mother bear like and being so WRONG! Ugh.