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Friday, August 10, 2007


The roofers are here. Gary asked to have some boards replaced and as soon as they pulled them up one roofer reported seeing a skunk in the attic. I thought that would be REALLY impressive to have a SKUNK in the ATTIC but we figured he must have had a funny cigarette before he arrived. However, they did rip off ALL the boards. It looks to me like it would be really easy at this point to just raise the whole darn roof and add a third floor. I find it completely unfair that people keep telling me how difficult (and imply impossible!) it would be. Please. Look:
All they need to do is raise those rafters up a little bit. Geesh. Why won't anyone listen to me. It would be SO SIMPLE to make me a master bedroom up there with room for a sewing table and a closet.

I think it's a conspiracy, honestly.

Ugh, I just looked out and the guy who saw the invisible to everyone else skunk is now peeing in my back yard. Ewww.

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