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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Since everyone is talking about State payments, here goes.

I went to sign the kids up for their fall programs. There is one athletic center in town that has a State account so it's a sure thing to get payment. In the past all we have done is sign them up and all is well. Until now. They wouldn't even take my registration without WRITTEN confirmation on State letterhead guaranteeing payment. I explained that in the past they just submitted the bill and let us register, and they explained that the State hasn't been paying them. Since I had been there for over an hour and had completed PAGES of paperwork for 6 kids they agreed to let me get phone confirmation. All I needed to do was get the caseworker on the phone. HAHAHAHAHA! This is where I explained that I would be happy to call but I could gaurantee that she would not answer the phone, and I would leave the athletic club's phone number but she would not return the call. They told me that I could always "just" pay for it myself and get it reimbursed, but considering that I still haven't received reimbursement from last winter that wasn't an option that I was interested in.

The secretary told me that she watches payments come in full for some foster kids, and not at all for others and she can not figure out how they decided. I let her in on the secret...if they don't like the foster parents they don't pay, and they don't like me. I know this because last Spring I was told by the CW (in an angry voice) "I'm not paying for everything YOU WANT!" Then I told her that in fact I did not want the activity being requested, it was Mom and GAL who suggested it. Then last week I was told (in a sweet as pie voice from the very same CW) "Whatever the kids want to do, WE will pay for it". Yeah, and I just saw a pig fly by!

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Tudu said...

I am really getting tired of the whole payment issue.