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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We went camping last weekend and had a fabulous time. It was so hard to leave, even Matthew cried when he found out we were heading home. This campground was one that I had found last year and couldn’t wait to check out, but couldn’t get in the two weekends that I had tried. It turns out that they only take reservations from Saturday to Saturday up until right before the date, so most people are there for the whole week, and book the same week every year. I don’t know how we managed to secure a waterfront site for 3 nights but it was amazing. We had chipmunks visiting us frequently

and a family of ducks that came back several times and even went into our screen house to see if we had dropped any scraps.

The kids were able to fish right from our site although only caught sunfish, and Gary stayed up late one night with the kids catching bull frogs. By the way, unless you have slept 5 feet from a bull frog you can not even imagine how loud they are.

The main reason that I had wanted to come to this place was the impressive activity schedule. We seriously could not keep up. We did participate in the candy bar bingo, the mud bath (including the muddy hayride and beach drop),

and the food fight.

As the other children were hosing off Matthew discovered fruit loops and pineapple on his belly and he ATE THEM much to the amusement of the other parents.
We jumped into the wet hayride unexpectedly. This is where people get on the ride with water guns and buckets and shoot it out with campers who also have guns and buckets. Gary took our hose down to another site and ambushed the ride. Other campers loaned our kids water guns and they had such a blast. Katherine attended the dance, but Gary and I were too wiped out.

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FAScinated said...

Great pictures! I just found your blog from a comment you left on Claudia's blog. I enjoyed reading and I'll add it to my list of blogs that keep me from getting my laundry done! ~Kari