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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Oh my poor neglected blog, forgive me.

Last weekend we went camping in southern Maine. It was a total blast. Jen, Michael and Baby Michael came to spend two nights with us. We waaay over paid for our campsite but later decided that it was money well spent as we enjoyed many free activities and entertainment. The kids (and sometimes the adults too!) played flag football and sponge polo, decorated t-shirts, swam in the three on site pools, participated in a treasure hunt (and won first prize!), made their own sundaes, and even painted rocks. At night the campground had AMAZING entertainment including the Maine state yo-yo champion, a magician/storyteller, juggler/comedian, a live band, and a hypnotist. The band was great and played 70’s music that had the girls dancing in the aisles and at one point Gary even went onto the makeshift dance floor with Katherine.

The best part of camping is of course the marshmallows, and if you ask Matthew he will tell you so himself.

And more images of adorable children (and one pre-prince).

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