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Monday, March 26, 2007


What happened on our most recent ski trip can be summed up by something said last night at dinner. We were reading from out “dinner table” book, playing 20 questions, true or false and truth or dare. Having picked truth, 9-year-old girl was asked to “confess a white lie you have told to someone in the group.” Her response, “That I could ski!” So yes, despite being warned that she MUST be able to ski independently to go, and despite Gary’s warnings that she was completely lying when she said she could, I brought her with us. She spent most of the time laying in the snow saying that she couldn’t get up. “Try!” I would say. “Can’t”, said she. That evening the child who did the least skiing (NONE) complained the loudest about being sore and tired.

6-Year-old girl had a different take on things. She admitted that she had never been skiing but was excited to try. At first I thought it was going to be a nightmare with her as well as she kept falling and eventually started to cry because of it. I told her that everyone falls when they start skiing, but that people who can ski just kept getting up. That was a turning point for her and she was off like a rocket. We would cross paths every so often and I would tell her how wonderfully she was doing. She yelled back, “I just said, I can do this, I can do this, then I could do it!”

7-year-old girl and her best friend skied together the entire time. They would go down the mountain holding hands. It freaked me out just to watch them, but they never fell. The boys have improved so much that it doesn’t seem possible. It’s is really fun to watch them snowboard and see the skills they have developed in such a short time.

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