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Monday, March 19, 2007


I had all these big plans for getting high-speed internet. Things that I couldn’t do with dial up, but would do immediately and on a regular basis once we splurged on the broadband. One of those things was to update my blog daily, and I have been just as successful with the other things on my list. Geesh.

I took the kids skiing last week. Katherine, who had never been on skis before in her life took off like a rocket. Up and down the mountain, she went like a speed demon. The older boys who snowboard every winter had a slightly harder time getting the hang of the “for real” snowboards. They were all such proficient skiers/snowboarders that I was able to sit alone and eat bon bons in the lodge.

On the way to the mountain (a two hour ride, lots of time for chatting) we were discussing how sometimes skiing could be dangerous. I told them the story of how when Noah was a baby we left Joshua with my sister and went skiing with Jen and Laura, one adult staying in the lodge with Noah while the others skied. That same week, two people, Sono Bono and Michael Kennedy died in freak skiing accidents. When they found out that MK’s death involved ski-football both boys laughed and asked who would be so stupid as to play football on skis. The only answer I had was the two of them in a few years.

I’ll end this with a few tasteless jokes that made me giggle.

What was the last thing to go through Michael Kennedy's mind? A branch

What's the difference between Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy? About five days

Bad, Kerry!

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