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Friday, March 30, 2007


Things to remember:

1. When you are up late on the internet and reading things out of shear boredom, DO NOT venture into areas of Craigslist that you have never been to before.

2. When Craigslist tries to warn you that you are entering an adult area, DO NOT think, I’m an adult, this is okay, because they do not really mean adult, they mean sick freak weirdoes.

3. When you read an add and don’t know what it means, DO NOT read it out loud to your husband in an attempt to figure it out. He will get a look on his face that will soon clue you in to what is in his head, and then it will be in your head, and then you will need to vomit.

1 comment:

Woman with kids said...

OMG, sadly, I go there... The ads are just so (sadly, pathetically) funny. And, you never know when you'll learn something new...