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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too many kids to count

Another sleepover survived! Surprisingly all the kids went to bed relatively easy after Gary told them that he would drive home anyone who got up again. This was said for the benefit of one particular guest and it worked. We slept great. The kids all seemed to have an amazing time; we are basing this assumption on the crazy energy level in our house Friday night. As fun as it was, Gary and I are once again stating that it is something that we will never ever do again. Someone needs to remind me of these proclamations when the time comes for another birthday, which at this point will be in 20 days!

Matthew has taken to dressing himself. Like a typical two year old he doesn’t want any help from anyone for anything so today he figured out how to dress himself. I noticed that he took his pajamas off and put them back on twice this morning. He then gave me a hard time about getting dressed so I showed him where I was leaving his clothes and watched as he dressed himself. He was having some trouble with the diaper so I suggested that he instead wear underwear and use the potty. Not because I care, but because it would just be easier for him, of course. I have my fingers crossed.

We had the new sliding glass door installed last week. When all is said and done we will have a mudroom with a slider to the back yard and where the deck was we will have a patio. Who tears down a deck to put in a patio, really? Are we out of our minds? Obviously. Gary found a front loader pair just like they had at the Big Bubble on clearance real cheap and they would look great out in that new mudroom. They promise to wash and dry in half the time. At the Big Bubble it only took me 20 minutes to dry all of my clothes. That was so nice. They also promise to lower my utility bills and that would be great. To be honest though, with all the folding of laundry I am responsible for now I’m not sure that decreasing the wash/dry time would be all positive from my perspective.

The applesauce is all done. 9 more quarts put up today and that is the end of it until next year. Canning is so great. I just love having a stocked storage room filled with foods that I canned myself.

I am thinking about adding a third story to the house to accommodate three more bedrooms. Wouldn’t that be great? Growing up I had a friend with a trampoline and a three story house. I though it was the coolest thing ever to have a third floor in your house and I have been coveting one ever since. They also had more kids in their family than I can even remember to count. Hmmm….I wonder if that is how people will remember us. How funny.


Anonymous said...

careful what you say on blogs....if i can find this so can a caseworker. sounds like 50% of the brady bunch is happening there.

Jerry said...

Quoting anonoymous: sounds like 50% of the brady bunch is happening there

I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Would you like to elaborate?

Innocent Observer said...

Have I posted something innapropriat that would alarm a caseworker?

Innocent Observer said...


Jerry said...

"Have I posted something innapropriat that would alarm a caseworker?"

I'm not a caseworker, but I don't see anything inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant 150% of the brady bunch....six kids with 50% more situations than the brady kids ever got into.

Anonymous said...

oh, how about calling poison control, and puke in a borrowed van?

Anonymous said...

oh, another thing....watch the tire pressure on those 15 passenger vans, if they go below the factory recommended specs they are WAY unstable and are apt to roll over due to the greater mass behind the center of gravity of the van.

Innocent Observer said...

The rollover issue pertains to the older vans with the short wheel base; the newer vans have an extended wheel base.