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Monday, October 30, 2006

Rattlesnake eggs

Last year while we were in Florida Joshua mentioned that he would like some rattlesnake eggs. We looked all over and finally located them at the flea market. I was very impressed with my bartering skills as I talked the vendor down to two sets for $6. I though I was so smooth, until we found the same rattlesnake eggs for sale on the other side of the flea market for $1 a set. Of course we were so excited to find them selling at such an inexpensive price that we really stocked up. I didn’t think of the first purchase as a mistake; I thought of the second as a being a great deal.

Gary gave away our last pair of rattlesnake eggs this weekend and mentioned that we should ask my father to pick up some more the next time he went to the flea market. I passed along the message and before long heard back that the flea market was all sold out but Dad and Patty had searched all over and found the last ten sets of rattlesnake eggs in all of Florida. At dinner last night I shared this information as my “high” of the day. Joshua was unimpressed and tells us that they can be purchased locally. At the dollar store. Of course. Don’t I feel like the informed consumer! I will cross “bargain shopper” off of my list of special skills! Won’t Gary be so pleased!

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