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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The weather is confusing. It feels like fall, the air is crisp and we are getting ready to start school, yet summer activities continue, like picking big fat ripe tomatoes and sweet cherry tomatoes.

The kids start school tomorrow and we are all feeling apprehensive and excited both. While at Katherine’s open house she noticed that the boy who abused her in Kindergarten was in her class this year. She was freaking out a bit and pointing at him saying, “That’s him. That’s the boy!” I was temped to 1. Pull her out 2. Speak to the teacher about keeping him far away from her 3. Speaking to the principal about the absurdity of placing him in her classroom. I decided instead to do nothing. I think that she is capable of holding her own, her teacher doesn’t let anything get past her, and I can’t keep her in a bubble. So it will be an interesting first week for her.

I assembled the student control journals (from FlyLady) for the kids to help them get organized for the school year. My firstborn was super excited about how this was going to improve his life and spent the afternoon personalizing it. My middle child read something about keeping your room clean and decided that it just wasn’t for him, and my (former) baby hasn’t even opened it. How’s that for birth order behavior?!?! They all love their timers and have been using them for everything.

I am excited about getting organized again. I am looking forward to neat piles of folded laundry and vacuumed carpets. I can’t wait to go to the appointments that I make as opposed to making them and forgetting about them. I am also hugely looking forward to getting myself some decent clothes and perhaps even shoes. I just might be ready to give up the comfort of my jeans and t-shirts for style. I said maybe. Baby steps!

We have a new pet. It’s interesting how he/she came to live with us. We were driving by the shelter and I said, “hey, let’s stop.” Gary said that he was just about to say the same. This was unusual for us because Joshua is so allergic to the cats that he can’t even go in so we never torture him by going when he is with us. This time we just told him to have a seat in the waiting room and, well, wait. The dogs were very sad and one was there because he had killed two cats! Yikes. He was reportedly good with kids though! Yeah, whatever! Then there were three adorable husky puppies that make me think for a nanosecond that I might want to get a puppy. I do not. The cats were cute as always, as were the bunnies. Then I noticed a little cage in the corner but whatever was in it was moving so fast on it’s wheel that I couldn’t make out what it was. I asked if it was a gerbil and I was told that it was. I asked if we could adopt it and the manager said we could have the gerbil and it’s complete tank set up for $5. What a deal! I did have to fill out a ridiculous application asking me how many hours I would leave it alone every day and why my present gerbil wasn’t up to date on it’s vaccinations! I admitted that we haven’t had it vaccinated (the horror!) and we were accepted to bring the little guy home. His name is Fudge and he is so cute. Something seems to be wrong with one of his/her eyes because we have never seen it open, but he/she seems very happy. It flies around on it’s wheel so fast that sometimes it falls off!

We have the boys this weekend (possibly three boys!) so we will busy busy busy! I feel bad that it is Labor Day and we don’t have any plans but Gary doesn’t want to have a cookout on a weekend that we have them. Oh well. The following weekend is my birthday and I want to have a soccer game like last year, followed by a sundae bar. If you are local, fun, like ice cream and soccer (and me! haha!) please come!

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Anonymous said...

I think you made the right decision about Katherine. The boy has had a bit of time to mature and the teacher is on top of things anyway. I can't imagine a problem, but I can understand Katherine's concern.

J likes his flylady journal. I'm not sure how much he will accomplish but any increase will be very appreciated my D and me. Thank you.

We will try to be at your birthday thing. Anyone who knows you likes you!!