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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post 101. That is special, don’t you think? Well, we survived the weekend! I will admit we were counting down the minutes until our time was up, but we did it. It wasn’t “bad” just a lot of work. Something I would only want to do 48 hours out of every month.

We went to the beach on Saturday and were attacked by a swarm of hungry skeeters. Poor little Matthew had 18 bites on his back. I told everyone just to run, and we sent Gary back for our stuff. That was at the picnic area. There were only a few skeeters at the lagoon beach, (blowing way the theory that they will travel up to 40 miles to feed because these lazy suckers weren’t willing to travel 40 feet!) but the biting flies were awful. Sometimes their stingers would get stuck and we would have to pull them out. Gary and I would take turns killing them and yelling, “haha, got you, you little sucker. Die die die!” I’m sure this impressed the other parents in out vicinity.

Then today we went to the public pool. Katherine brought a friend so I walked in with 7 of them (kiddos) and told them yes, they were all on my family pass. They all loved the pool but again, a lot of work. Later today we had 8 kids over and I decided that I can have 8 kids, no problem, but through in one disabled kid and you’ll need to take away 6.

When the Foster Dad arrived to take them home Gary asked if his wife had been nervous leaving them this weekend. He said she was just confused and kept asking, “Why haven’t they called yet?” Then later added, “They must be saints!” He said there was a very experienced home who took special needs kids and they had him for two hours before calling for the foster parents to pick him up. I’ll admit that was an ego boost, and I do feel really good that we were able to take care of these kids for the weekend. The older boys had such fun running together and were sad to have to say goodbye. I’ll even admit to already missing the little one. He is such a cutie.

Not so sure anymore about Canada. It’s supposed to rain there this week. Rain on Tuesday (the day we planned to arrive), scattered showers on Wednesday, and a mix of sun and clouds on Thursday. H and D are going no matter what, but I suspect that they will go to a hotel as back up. Financially we just don’t have that option. For us to afford this trip we need to camp and eat every meal at the site, something I am adamant about NOT doing in the rain. What to do?

Super excited about New York. We have now heard that there will be tubing! Hooray! Is it the 8th yet? The bad news is that it is going to take up almost 6 hours to get there. Joshua said it isn’t as bad as Florida, but it is still 6 hours (and a mortgage payment in the gas tank). It isn’t really the 6 hours that are bad. I could drive 6 hours through South Carolina, or Virginia, but Massachusetts? Yuck. I don’t like driving in Massachusetts and I don’t think I am alone. Most drivers in Massachusetts seem just as unhappy about driving there as I am.

Leave you comments and opinions about our vacation plans. Perhaps I should take a poll. Does anyone have mystical weather powers they want to send out for us? Please?

Ps Gary turns the big 4 freaking 0 next week. Don’t tell him I told you!

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