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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kansas, sucks so bad, you can have some for free!

As the weather gets nicer it becomes harder and harder to keep up with my blog. We are all outside, planting flowers and jumping on the trampoline. (...entertaining neighborhood kids!) We have two new additions to the neighborhood crew. They were over yesterday and Gary and I were commenting to each other that they both seem like nice kids. I told him “it’s a good thing we like them because we are going to be spending a lot of time with them!”

Mother’s Day was nice. I had some time to myself and I used it to make some cards. Everyone was nice to each other as I requested. We worked hard and got a bunch of things done around the house. Then we went out for dinner, but not to the place that we had been planning to visit because they closed at 2. Instead we went to the Lobster Trap and I have to remember never to return. The food was good, but okay good, not fabulous good. According to the prices it should have been Oh My Freaking God good, and it just wasn’t. I mean really, if you pay $5.99 for a child’s chicken strips you would expect more than two, and at that price you would think the barbecue sauce would be included, but no, we were charged an extra 50 cents for the privilege of dunking said strips. Gary, who ordered ribs at $17.99 was also charged 50 cents for barbecue sauce. For a dollars worth of sauce we should have been given more than a single ounce! Oh well. I will not go back there again. Remind me if I forget.

After the bus driver made Katherine cry twice in one week and then refused to talk to me about it, instead yelling “take it to Allen” (the principal) I have been driving them and picking them up from school. It’s a pain, but I like having the extra hour and a half with them everyday. The added bonus is of course no longer having to deal with Ed, the F-ing A-hole of a bus driver. He gave Gary a hard time about home schooling the kids and made a comment about how they would never amount to anything. Gary showed great restraint in not telling him that he was right, and they might never aspire to bus driver status like him. I’m sad just thinking about it.

I have been reviewing our home study and it makes me ill how bad it is. Everything in it has been twisted into something similar to what was said, but in a negative light. To give you an example, this summer when we missed half a day of training (training, what a joke!) to take Noah to the ER while the kids stayed put with the people who were caring for them it was written as “were unable to complete training due to childcare issues.” Then “the front of the home is situated at the edge of a busy street.” Edge of a busy street? Really? The busy street with it’s 35 MPH speed limit is completely residential at this end and our house isn’t at the edge but two houses in! And our neighbor whose house is at the edge has ¾ of and acre! I started writing a response to everything that I have an issue with and I have 3 full pages so far. I want to burn it and start over. Was that an option?

No word on the van yet. That’s okay because it’s going to cost at least $1500 and I’m not quite ready for that yet. The Odyssey I wanted sold. We actually saw it while we were at a lawn sale. The exact same van. The new owner bought it for $20,000. She got a heck of a deal.
Now it’s raining. Blah. I wonder how much it rains in Kansas. Did you know they are giving land away? They have actually changed the state slogan from “Kansas, as big as you think” to “Kansas, sucks so bad you can have some for free!”
http://www.kansasfreeland.com I think a better slogan would be "Tornado Alley, Home".


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi ich bin Chriswab aus Bottrop !! Viele GrĂ¼sse !!

Jerry said...

But Ken,
if you're in Kansas a tornado might carry you over the rainbow to Oz. That could NEVER happen in Maine!

Innocent Observer said...

But there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Jerry. I keep clicking my ruby slippers so I would know.

There is always the possibility that Maine is OZ, right? Heck, we have men who think that they are wizards. Although I haven't seen any midgets lately. I understand that it isn't politically correct to call them midgets anymore. So, I haven't seen any "little people" okay? But see that is a lie...I see little people every day. Errrr. being politically correct is making a liar out of me. Do they have little people in Kansas?

jerry said...

Okay, why on Earth am I trying to talk you into moving to Kansas?

The weather's got to be warmer than Maine, right?

Except for those tornatos, it's downright blissful there.

Yah, dude, forget about South Carolina. Why would anyone go ANYWHERE but Kansas?