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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Everyone knows that it takes two to tango. But what if your spouse didn’t like to tango, or perhaps didn’t know how. Is it cheating to tango with another partner?

Oh get your mind out of the gutters people! I’m talking about dancing! Joshua’s dance teachers both are married to other people, but as dance partners, boy can they tango! It makes me feel a little dirty inside just watching them! They performed at the college this weekend and invited the ballroom kids to perform as well. The kids did such a great job. Joshua was so adorable tangoing across stage with his partner. It was great fun to watch too. I think I’ll look into more college events to bring the kids to.

I met Mom and Lynne in York again on Friday. I called my Mom before hand to tell her that the last time I drove her home I left our “clicker” in her car. I actually saw it as I did my final sweep, but then got distracted and didn’t grab it. I wasn’t concerned because it was under the seat and I didn’t think she would even see it. Anyway, when I told her about it she said that she had found it, and gave it to my brother in law, so like so many things before had entered into the black hole, but she would mention it to them.
In York I asked about it, as the television is in the kitchen, used daily and very difficult to turn without a clicker. Lynne said that they did have it, but that it was their remote for their television. I felt rage building. We brought it into my mother’s car, saw that we left it while unloading, my mother finds it and it belongs to someone else? WTF? I told her that I was sure that it was mine, as I did see it while unloading. She assured me that it was hers. My mother offered that perhaps we have the same television. Most likely true, but doesn’t that still make it my clicker? GAWD! Anyone who knows both of us would agree that it would be more likely that I lost my clicker and knew where to find it than Lynne lost her clicker and had it returned to her. Oh well. I’m off to buy a universal remote.

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