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Thursday, January 05, 2006

slavery and adoption news, NOT related!

Joshua has taken an interest in slavery and the civil war. While browsing through an old test book I came across this gem;

“Little can be said in defense of Negro slavery, but the life of the slaves was often not so hard as it has sometimes been pictured. The slaves lived in little huts with their families. They often spent their spare time raising their own vegetables, chickens, and pigs. They received presents now and then from their masters and were occasionally given a little spending money. An adult Negro usually received a new suit of clothes each year. Some of the slaves were permitted to keep dogs and to go hunting for possums and squirrels. In the evenings, the slaves often entertained themselves by playing the banjo, and by singing and dancing…the owners took pains to see that their slaves were reasonably happy and contented. If for no other reason, the owners did this because they knew that slaves who were happy were better workers.”

Wow. Who knew the life of a slave was so wonderful? Spending spare time raising vegetables? That wouldn’t be so they could eat, would it? Boy, living in a little hut, the possibility of a change of clothes once a year, hunting for squirrel, that doesn’t sound bad at all!

Katherine asked last week “when are we going to get that paper?” It was in the content of adoption, so we though maybe she meant our home study? Nope, she asked again, “you know, that girl, paper? I really hope we get her.”

The girl’s name is Paige. I really hope we get her too! Unfortunately we had some sad news today. The first was receiving the updated photo listing where P’s worker states that she would do best as an only child. I called our placement specialist who didn’t think it was that big a deal, but shared some even worse news; she has accepted a new position and will be leaving the Department next week. This leaves us without an advocate until a replacement is hired, and to be honest, I can’t imagine that they will find an adequate replacement for this woman. She has made the difference in our getting through the tedious approval process, and has been a great mediator for us. How long it will take to replace her is unknown, and until that point we are on our own.

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