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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yes, I must have decended from squirrels!

Karen was in the state for work so she spent last night with us. It was great to see her, and all the kids loved the attention she gave them. Katherine sat with her and read for what seemed like hours. We had homemade pizza with artichoke hearts, portabella mushrooms, pepper and onion, then brownies and ice cream for dessert.

This morning she treated Joshua, Matthew and I to a breakfast at McDonalds. Note to self: be sure only to take hungry babies out to eat, not babies that have already eaten cereal and blueberry muffins.

There was some talk of Joshua returning home with her until Monday, but my Dad arrives tomorrow and I would hate for them to miss a visit.

I never posted about Halloween for some odd reason. Katherine was dressed as a Queen, Noah was a Zombie with a mask that was too hot to keep on, so he held it and some people thought maybe he had a monster on his knee. Joshua was a pumpkin, fashioned from a large orange sweatshirt with black foam for the jack-o-lantern effect. Matthew was Spiderman, and he quickly got the hang of holding out his plastic pumpkin in order to get more and more candy. The kids all dumped out their candy in the living room, obediently handed over all the peanut butter cups, then put the rest into a huge pile to share. I was really impressed by how Gary and I both handled the situation and kept our cool as massive amounts of sugar were consumed by all the children. The most enjoyable aspect of the evening for them was certainly handing out candy to other trick or treat-ers. They loved it, and sat on the front steps for the rest of the night. Thankfully it was a very pleasant evening weather wise.

Today I put more mashed potatoes in the freezer. I have/had a 50 pound bag that I want to get all stored away before buying another bag, but boy, peeling potatoes is hard . I love that our freezer and shelves are getting packed up. I must have some squirrel genes because it feels so good going into winter a little bit prepared (and it would explain the cheeks!).

My cloth diapers beckon. Have a great day!

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