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I am the mother to 6 children and former foster mother to 2. I am passionate about whatever it is I am passionate about, until I change my mind. I dream big, plan big, and once in a while I even make it big. We are planning to take our freak show on the road. Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Karen gave the boys their birthday gifts while she was here. Noah received a microscope, which he is thrilled with, and Joshua received a Super Secret Spy Kit. Joshua told me “she always gives me the best gifts, and just what I want, even when it isn’t something I even knew about.” Quite the compliment if you ask me. So as you may have already guessed we have all been finger printed (and so far my prints have not had a hit). However in the searching for clues black powder has been left over window sills everywhere! Everyone even has a secret spy name like Finger Find and Blue Squirrel, and Paper Cut. There are lots of secret meeting, and several times recently I have found a child hiding nearby, presumably I am the target of the investigation.

Last night Joshua was upset because there was a secret meeting that Katherine couldn’t be a part of so after much complaining from Joshua I had her come down stairs to craft with me. Soon after Noah arrived and announced that he was no longer a part of Joshua’s club, and agreed to do some “partner reading” with Katherine. I was beaming with pride as the two of them sat there reading together, getting along so well. I mentioned to Joshua that whatever he was doing in his meeting wasn’t working because everyone was getting upset and now even Noah did not want to be a part of it. His reply floored me. “No Mom, Noah is the MOLE! He was a damn good mole, and even had me convinced!

We have brought the train set down for Matthew in an attempt to distract him from his attempts at escape into the dining room. I wish I could say that it worked, even for a short time, but it did not. He immediately took out the firehouse and used it for leverage to more easily unhook the gate. Then, instead of standing at the train table to play, he opens a drawer to stand in the table. The train table has been through 4 kids, 6 if you count the friends that we loaned it to, and never before have the drawers been an issue.

Dad arrives tonight. He will be here for dinner but I have no idea what I will make. I need some inspiration. The only thing coming to mind is beef stew in bread bowls, but that isn’t terribly appealing to me. Maybe I will just pick up some burgers, at least the kids like those.

Speaking of food, Joshua just brought me a breakfast sandwich. It is very good; scrambled eggs with cheese, on a bagel with cheese, so as you can imagine it is very cheesy. It is awesome how adept he is in the kitchen. Although I am noticing a cheese trend recently; macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, eggs and cheese. It must stem from all the cheese I ate while I was pregnant with him combined with the later deprivation due to allergies. The other day he asked if the brownie I was offering him had nuts in it. I asked him “in the ten years that I have known you have I ever once offered you food that contained nuts?” He answered no just as I added, “well, except for that one time when you almost died.” The kids though this was quite funny.

Off to school and then the grocery, happy happy joy joy!

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