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Friday, November 04, 2005


I was offered some little pumpkins so I figured I’d take two or three. Then I thought about how much the kids like pumpkin (so much so that they will devour a can of Libby’s!) and took home 10 pumpkins! I am surprised at how much time it took to cook them. I only cooked 7 of them but that made 24 cups of puree! Mmmm.

Joshua came to the grocery with me to practice rounding off numbers and using a calculator in real life. Then he came home to help Gary and Charlie install the electricity in the shed. Gary is very excited to have real outlets and even a light fixture out there. I’m a little jealous. If you ask Gary he’ll tell you that the shed is to keep the snow blower and lawnmower out of the elements, and a place to store all the summer stuff, but from where I sit, he has his own house! I would love to have a little house out back with electricity and heat where my spouse would never venture. Can you imagine?

A friend had an idea to rent a little apartment where family would never be allowed. I think this is a great idea for mothers. Have a few women go in on the monthly rent then divide it up like a time share. Then you could go there on your nights and craft, or eat ice cream without help from a child. You could even invite friends. That would be great. It couldn’t have a phone, and it would need to be a top secret location. Who’s with me?

Matthew has been crazy baby this week. Mom gave him a little table and chairs to replace the high chair she bought him last year. To Matthew it was the gift of height. Immediately he climbed up to the fridge and tossed off all of our magnets, smashing them on the floor. When he isn’t eating the set has been banished to the dining room behind the gate with the rest of our chairs. The gate by the way is only for show because he is capable of removing it himself, but prefers it to be up. We know this because when we remove it he puts it back. Anyway, after eating today he removed the gate and banished his chair himself. He is so cute! He also chewed up a crayon and deposited the blue slime on the carpet. Gary told him that he was trouble, and he repeated “tub-el.” How cute!

My friend told me that only old people call the remote control a “clicker”. Is she right? Am I an old lady?

Oh, I spoke the placement specialist who still has not talked with the supervisor, but she did make me feel better. There are several other families waiting like we are, and she doesn’t think this is a big deal. She said that after reading the home study the supervisor had questions about our finances, but she didn’t think anything of it at the time, so most likely that is what her concerns are about. Hopefully next Tuesday we will know more.


Jerry said...

My friend told me that only old people call the remote control a “clicker”. Is she right? Am I an old lady?

Spouse and I have heard remotes called "clickers" but cannot remember the age of those who use this terminology. I feel like the term "clicker" is from a past life, so perhaps it is a bit "outdated."

Anonymous said...

"clicker" comes from the fact that the earliest remote control units operated via high frequency tones. the remote unit had a tone bar inside that was struck by a hammer when you pressed the button. the resultant frequency was inaudible to the human ear but the physical act of hammer striking tone bar produced an audible "click". there were only three available controls... "on/off" (toggled control with same frequency), "channel up" and "channel down". three tone bars accomplished all the marvelous tasks of 1960's channel surfing. now you know!!! [ a friend of jim-jim's, the one who locked him in a toy chest!]