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Friday, October 07, 2005

Russian Olive Berries

On Wednesday we invited ourselves over to Julie’s to pick Russian Olive Berries. They are (I’m told) non-native invasive bushes so cutting them down is a good thing, but in the meantime the berries make one hell of a jam. The kids loved the entire process of picking, mashing, cooking, and canning the jam. Everyone’s favorite part has been the spreading and eating. It is the most wonderful jam…mmm. Julie described it as a cross between a cranberry and strawberry flavor. Mmm. I would love to find more of these bushes. Our big pot of berries only yielded 9 cups of jam, out of which (a day later) only 5 remain.

Yesterday the kids and Gary went to the park to fly the kites that Grandpa sent them. (Thank you, Dad). Then all the kids had a friend for an overnight visit. They all had a great time, first jumping on the trampoline, then watching movies and playing legos until the crack of dawn. This morning we had chocolate chip and strawberry pancakes (not together though). It is hard for me to understand how the children can fall asleep at 3, and awake at 7 to jump on the trampoline, and then not even nap. If I ever get to be a kid again I am not going to fight the napping. Napping is great, and I would really like to do more of it.

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