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Friday, July 22, 2005

Gary just called me out to see some attack ants. I was on the phone at the time, but he told me I needed to see this as they were climbing up his legs and biting! Sure enough, there were thousands of unhappy ants out front. I screamed! (sorry Heidi!) I need to get some diatamatios earth to deter them. Gary thinks we need chemicals.

The appointment with the specialist went well Katherine will start on the steroid in September and Matthew is to continue with his current regiment.

Coming home there were several signs telling motorists to get into the right lane due to construction. As we usually do in this state, cars formed a single line. Then cars with out of state plates began flying by on the left in an attempt to avoid the wait. Listen, we used to live there and I know that is how it works, but here, we wait. Getting frustrated, a truck went way over in the left lane to block traffic, and we stayed on his bumper on the right. It was kind of fun watching the really angry vacationers getting more and more pissed that they couldn’t fight their way past. One car even drove on the grass to get by! We waited for an hour and I swear, there was no discernable reason for the lane closure other than a few guys sitting in the back of a crew truck with some cones. I was so concerned that Karen was going to be waiting for us but we arrived home at exactly the same moment.

She took the kids out for ice cream to Dairy Queen last night and being the good Aunt that she is let each kid get exactly what they wanted without restriction. Joshua came home with a cup that is bigger than his head! He is still working on it today! It was nice to have someone take the kids for a few minutes. Weird to see them dive away without me.

Karen left early this morning. I was sad to wake up and see that she had already left, but I understand her desire to get home to her kids. I hope that she comes back with the girls. My kids would have a blast with them. It’s funny how she isn’t Auntie Karen to them but Meaghan and Hannah’s Mom. (Or as Karen put it “the transportation”).

I think that my basil might be ready to harvest. I’m looking forward to some green pasta. I wonder if the kids will like it. It feels funny using produce that we have grown, because then it will be gone.

I am thinking about going to Old Fort Western this afternoon. I went there with Joshua’s class last spring and it was interesting. Definitely seemed staged, but they had lots of good information.

Noah received $5 from Grandma because she felt bad that he needed stitches last weekend. What she wasn’t aware of is that he owes everybody money and we all want to be repaid.

Two of the kids have been fighting all day. It makes me feel angry with both of them. I want to put them into a padded room and let them have it out. I guess this is normal, the fighting I mean. They are fighting over really silly (in my opinion) things like who is going to watch the baby.

Maybe I’ll call Mary B to come sit for the kids. Gary and I went out to dinner last week and it felt amazing. We realized while we were out that it was our anniversary. Twelve years! I want to make our relationship a priority, and it feel so good to spend time alone with one another, but it is so hard to get out of the house. Not to mention the fact that it costs a small fortune to hire a sitter and go out for a meal.

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