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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Vegas Day 1 Part 1


The plane ride was uneventful. Long, but no problems. Unless you count the hot cocoa disaster.

Matthew and Katherine both ordered hot cocoa. I was sitting with Joshua, Molly, and Matthew in a row, and Gary was with Noah and Katherine. Matthew managed to DUMP the entire cup of cocoa all over himself, soaking his shirt and pants. I had that, “Oh my frigging hell, can you BELIEVE what I have to deal with now” look on my face, and I turned to show it to Gary, just as he began to sport an identical look. It seems at that moment Katherine spilled her hot cocoa all over Gary’s lap.

I brought a change of pant for Matthew, but nothing else. A flight attendant opened up her own luggage and found a shirt for Matthew to wear while we washed out the cocoa one. The pants went into a bag and we didn’t find them until we returned home, so they ended up in the trash. L Gary had no good options, so he just did his best to wash up in the one square foot of bathroom space.

(Matthew, post cocoa, wearing the flight attendant's shirt. I can't believe he could sleep in that position!)

The plane landed and everything was good. Finally we arrived. Two days without sleep and we were feeling it! But! We were in Vegas, Baby! Life was good!

We retrieved our luggage and quickly realized that there was NO WAY we could physically move this on our own. Remember we had 12 pieces of large, heavy checked luggage that included a pack and play that did not roll and a massive duffel bag containing two very heavy car seats. We had the little ones in two separate strollers that needed to be pushed, and one of the strollers didn’t seem to turn.

From where we were at baggage claim we had to go about 30 feet to the doors, then another 20 to the street, cross 4 lanes of traffic, then get on a BUS!!! to travel to the other side of the airport. From there we needed to make it about 100 feet into a building, then another 60 to a desk, then wait in line, then take an elevator down, then travel to the other side of a parking garage. Then there was the fun experiment to see if we would fit an elephant into a cupboard. By the time we were in the rental car we all felt so defeated. This sucked. It felt like a full weeks work just to get to this point, and we weren’t even at the hotel yet!!


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