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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Las Vegas Baby!

We are here in Las Vegas. I had planned to blog from the kid's Ipods, but there is no internet access in Las Vegas that doesn't require a mortgage payment to access it!

RIght now I am in the Apple store inside of Caesar's Palace, having hijacked one of their computers to post!

Vegas is nothing like I had anticipated, but we are all having a good time. Gary and I left the sleeping kids with my Dad for a bit last night to go get a late bite to eat. We never ended up getting food, but I did hit for $360 on a slot machine! WooooHooooo!

There is a CVS within walking distance from the hotel, but they didn't seem to know what a "sale flyer" was. They finally admitted that because they are on the strip they don't participate in sales. WHAT?!?!

Alright, we are off to see the talking statues!

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daria said...

Geez, you're missing some great deals this week. Free Wesson oil, woo hoo!