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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Gary has a medical bill that the insurance has refused to pay. In the time it took to negotiate with the company, the bill was sent to collections. He contacted the collection agency in an attempt to set up a payment schedule and they were beyond rude to him. They told him that they wouldn't accept anything other than a full payment and that they planned to send a report to the credit agency that he was in default. It was rather frustrating. It seemed there was nothing he could say to get them to be reasonable.

He sent them a partial payment, then waited patiently until they cashed his check. He then called to again attempt a formal agreement. When they answered they told him that his call was being recorded. He paused. Then stated his name and account number, and said that he was also recording the call, and could he please have their permission before proceeding. The woman on the other end paused, but reluctantly agreed.

Gary explained about his prior experiences with them, for which she profusely apologized. He told her about the cashed check and she agreed that was more than satisfactory and they were more than happy to accept his terms of the payment schedule and was there anything more they could please do for him on this fine day.

Now if only we actually had the equipment to record these calls so we could replay them again and again for our personal enjoyment, that would be just great.


Stimey said...

He totally rocks. Way to go!

Martha said...

You guys crack me up.