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Friday, September 05, 2008


At lunch time today I decided that I was ready for a lawn sale. We are busy next weekend, so tomorrow it is. Holy crap. We are having a lawn sale tomorrow.

It's better this way because I have no time to think and reminisce, and no time to change my mind. All my crap will be gone 24 hours from now.

I am ruthlessly hoeing out. My poor stuff. Adored just days ago. Today unwanted and unloved.

The first time we had a lawn sale I swore that we would never do it again. Never ever.

I said the same thing last time too. This is a lot of work. I will feel better tomorrow, right? All this hard work will be worth it, yes?

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Susan said...

We do it twice a year, no matter what. I am a pack rat and my husband is worse than I am. I won't even talk about the crap the kids accumulate! You will feel so much better tomorrow.