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Friday, May 16, 2008


16 Things that give me a rush of JOY!

1.) Dandelions. As I said before: Dandelions are my favorite flower. The are abundant and they persevere. They don't care how many people hate them, they just keep looking beautiful and putting down strong roots. Dandelions are like light, and they just keep shining. *

2.) This:
It cost $8, but I'm considering it a homeschooling expense, as we are just finishing up our bee study. Yes, that does so count!

3.) Watching my children play on warm spring days. Actually feeling them feeling free, and allowing them the space to do that.

4.) Gary. I love him so much, and whenever I think about all the ways he enhances my life I melt. I am so incredibly lucky to have him.

5.)My neighborhood. I've lived in my share of crappy ones, so I know how to recognize greatness, and my neighbors are great. They are some of the most helpful, kind, selfless people in the world and they know the meaning of community. As an added bonus, they also happen to be fabulous cooks!

6.) Cookbooks with pictures. Need I say more?

7.) Helping people. Whenever I am able to do anything to help out a fellow traveler on this planet it gives me such a rush...even if it's just a little thing.

8.) Watching someone else do something that proves that the world in inherently good. When I see that pure goodness in people, it brings tears to my eyes.

9.) Camping reservations. I didn't even know that was on my list until we secured some for Memorial Day. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

10.) Friends. Good ones. Mine.

11.) Free stuff. And coupons, and lawn sales, and thrift stores, and free stuff (especially books!)

12.) Living in a country where I can go to my computer, type in what books I would like to read and have them delivered to my local library where I can pick up the books, at my leisure, for FREE. Access to just about any book ever published, free.

13.) Night time, when all the children are clean and peacefully asleep.

14.) Witnessing the love my children have for one another, and watching them grow and learn from one another.

15.) Cloth diapers. I know, that's an odd one. But trust me, there is no better feeling than bringing in diapers that are clean and line dried. They smell like heaven and can remind me of being gentle with our planet and our wallets. Even when they are dirty I love cloth, because clean lined dried diapers are only a couple of hours away.

16.) I almost forgot the most wonderful thing of all; mail. There is nothing (NOTHING) better than a handwritten letter sent via USPS. Perhaps even better than chocolate. Reading the letter with chocolate at hand is best of course!

Go visit Barb and make your own JOY list.

*We realized today, as while observing honey bees that "wildflower" honey is really dandelion honey, which gives me yet another reason to love dandelions.


Barb said...

Awww. these are awesome. I HATE dandelions and now I think I might have to change my mind...

farm suite said...

This is a wonderful list. It brought me joy too!

Farm Chick said...

I just love it when stuff does double duty in homeschooling.

I have a secret love of dandelions. Shhhh.

Great list!