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Friday, November 23, 2007


Normal people get sent home from the hospital when they aren't really in labor. Me? I get called in when we know that I'm not in labor!

The non-stress test showed some things that were of mild concern. My doctor consulted with the on call OB who of course wanted me induced right away, so my doctor drove into town to look at the results herself. The fact that she was coming in told me that she agreed with the induction.

Anyway, her theory is that I'm not going into labor is that I don't want to come to the hospital in labor. Her solution is to admit me and get me comfortable in a labor room and she thinks that will be enough to get things moving. If I'm not in active labor by tomorrow morning then she will advocate for pitocin, but right now she feels strongly that just being there will work. I think she might be on to something.

They sent me home to get ready because they needed to move someone out of the labor room I had requested and get it cleaned up for me.

This should be the last official "I'm still pregnant" post. Hopefully Gary will be making calls in the am with some good news!


Tudu said...

Like your friend said, "PUSH!"

Jen said...

Arrived home on Saturday night to Gary's message - CONGRATULATIONS! Much love and will wait patiently to hear from you, take your time :D


Tudu said...

Patiently waiting for an update.....