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Thursday, October 18, 2007


A few years ago someone I know online had an unattended birth. I sent her a cord tie that I made with embroidery floss and beads. I remember it being quite lovely and wished that I had thought to do something like that with Matthew’s birth.

This time around I remembered and spoke to the hospital and doc about bringing my own tie and they are all fine with it. I planned to make one for this baby. Last night I wrote out the list of things that need to be done within the next two weeks and realized that there is just no way it can all happen. Enter panic attacks.

This morning while waiting for people to get ready I got out the beads. I only had about 6 or so of the 30ish beads I would need for the tie. Ugh. Then Josh got into the beads and asked me to head down cellar to find something else for him. I was trying to figure out what to do. With everything that needs to be done making a cord tie should be low on the list, but it’s important to me and I really wanted one.

After finding what Joshua wanted I looked into a bag that had some jewelry we had bought really inexpensively a few years ago for Katherine. I thought maybe something in there had beads that I could rip off. You will never believe what I found. I can’t believe what I found. The exact cord tie I wanted to make. All made. EXACTLY how I wanted it. The right color thread, the exact beads…PERFECT. I must have made it as a sample then not liked it and sent my friend a different one. I have NO MEMORY of doing so. In fact, I really don’t think I did, and I would swear to having only made the one. Then I thought perhaps I forgot to send it, but she THANKED me for it. It’s just so perfect I want to cry.


Yondalla said...

That's lovely.

Somehow finding it really important to do something that others think isn't that important seems familiar to me but I am so cursed tired...

Wait! I had to paint Frankie's room. That it. I remember now.

Tudu said...

How wonderful! Just one more thing to knock off your huge list of things to do.

BOSSY said...

Kismet baby. A gift to yourself from yourself.