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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last week a friend emailed and asked if she could take me to lunch on Sunday. I was beyond thrilled. First there is the whole getting out of the house, then the FOOD! and I was really looking forward to spending some time with this friend. On Saturday I was having a yucky day (most of them are) and the kids had something they wanted to do on Sunday so I was going to see if she could sneak out on Saturday instead but I didn't see her car at her house so I didn't call.

On Sunday she came to get me and we headed down to the city for lunch. When we got to the restaurant, it was closed. What the heck?!?! She suggested we go instead to the brunch buffet at the super fancy inn around the corner. My blood pressure raised a little bit but I breathed in deep and told her it sounded great. And it did sound great, just a little out of my league. And I was was wearing frumpy pregnant girl clothes!

We walked in and I saw someone I know. "Hey, Heidi's here!" I yelled. And in my head, "and Heidi's Mom, and Jen, and Jen, and Rachel, and then out load, "Oh my gosh, YOU DIDN'T!" But they did. Somehow my girlfriend's conspired to throw me the most amazing baby shower ever.

In my whole life I don't remember anyone ever doing something so wonderful for me. It was unreal. The fact that I didn't even have a clue was amazing enough, and I am SO IMPRESSED that they pulled it off. Apparently the closed restaurant was part of the ploy to get me to the inn. I did wish I had known because I could have had so much fun with Gannet on the drive. I did admit on the way to the inn that I wasn't looking forward to the first restaurant because I was afraid the spice might cause me to go into labor!

We played really fun shower games and they had really nice prizes for everyone. The first game was to make a playdough baby. Unfortunately the pictures are on Jen's camera and not mine (because I had no idea I was off to a baby shower!) so I can't yet share them, but let me just say, OH MY GOSH it was hilarious! Then we all had to put a paper plate on our head and draw a baby, then put a pacifier in it's mouth. There was a bowl of rice and safety pins and the goal was to get out as many pins as you could in 30 seconds, which sounds easy enough but you can't feel the damn pins through the rice! They had a piggy bank that everyone put money into and then people had to guess how much was inside, then I got to take it home to start an account for the baby.

The food was out of this world. Just wonderful. I had vegetarian eggs Benedict and roasted potatoes with bacon. Very boring compared to the chicken pie and seafood newburgh and the like that some other people had, but just so yummy! The dessert tray was to die for; hazelnut torte, tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, indian pudding, chocolate moose (two kinds!), too many to remember. I couldn't even finish my dessert but I refused to let them take away my plate. Finally they agreed to just box it up because I could not let it go!

I had such a great time. I laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time. It's nice to have so many witty friends who can just bounce the puns back an forth while I sit back and enjoy the mirth.

Monday morning the all too familiar sad, teary feelings were back. It really made me feel, well, short with myself. On the one hand, all I need is my friends to take me to a fancy restaurant, tell me how cute I am and shower me with presents on a daily basis to feel good. On the other hand I am encouraged that I felt so good on Sunday because I know (or at least I hope) that it means the sad feelings aren't organic but situational, and soon the situation will be over and I can relax.

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Yondalla said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!