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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


About the size of the foster mother's brain. Yesterday I had a long conversation with the GAL about having her transport the kids for us, and how the foster mother had told them things she shouldn't have, and so on. It was very clear that there wasn't going to be any more contact, and that next weekend the GAL would bring them over for good.

Today the foster mother leaves me a message wanting to meet on THIS Friday to hand off the girls. HELLO? Does this woman have even half a brain?

I called the GAL and asked her to kindly mediate (again) for me. She could not believe it. Apparently they just had a meeting yesterday with this woman where the plan was made very clear to her, and some other things as well. I said, "I know that everyone thinks she is so wonderful, but I have been telling you from day one, she lies, manipulates, confuses the children, and this past week we have had several clear examples of this." The GAL sighed and agreed to call her (again).

I am so grateful that my family will be out of this mess soon. I can't take another minute with the caseworker or foster mother. Not another nanosecond. But knowing that getting out means throwing these kids in full force does make me sick to my stomach. This woman is not good. I have been telling myself (and Gary) that she is going to do a good job with them, but now I know otherwise.

The GAL just called me back. The foster mother told Candy that Mom has been TPRed and Candy is HYSTERICAL that the girls might not come this weekend. God help me. Maybe I should just bring them over this weekend. I don't know if I can do another 9 days of this bullshit.

For the record, Amy and Amanda have been VERY clear that they want to stay until next weekend. I have asked them several times and given them every opportunity to say they want to move early. They want to go to their last soccer and football game. They want to go to their Halloween parties. They want to have a goodbye gathering at their school, and they want to trick or treat here.


Interestingly enough, the GAL said she could not get through to anyone at the state. Yet while we were talking I got another call (that I can't answer anyway because I don't yet know how to use that feature) from the state. So it looks like they don't want to talk to the GAL because they can't crap all over her like they can me. I am so tired of getting pissed off.

To be continued.

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