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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So the contractor T is here. It isn't that he is a bad guy, in fact I bet most people find him quite likable. It's just that he insists on TALKING to me, and really, I just don't do people.

He walked out onto the porch. He was there for a while. I wasn't really paying attention. Then Gary came into the kitchen and started laughing. "T can't get out," he said. "It's a T proof lock!" I looked. He had been standing there all that time trying to figure out how the heck to unlock the door. Teehehehehehehe

This comes on the heals of my laying in bed this morning asking Gary, "Do you hear that pounding?" "There it is again!" Was someone knocking on the door? Certainly A would let us know* if someone were here!?!? Finally Gary got up to check it out. A had locked HERSELF out of the house. And while it isn't as funny as a T proof lock, it is rather humorous that we were ignoring her knocks, waiting for her to come and get us. Teehehehehehe

*A is in the kitchen early every morning to empty the dishwasher...the best paying job on the chart!

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Tudu said...

ROFLMAO poor kid!