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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Yesterday I informed Gary that I NEEDED a rocker glider. My mother has one and I remember how wonderful it felt to sit there when I was pregnant with Matthew, and how nice it was as a nursing chair, and how comfortable it was to read in. Yes, with baby on the way I NEEDED one. I began the online search and found nothing for less than $500. Ouch, I didn't need it THAT bad! Then today I went to Marden's to get a gift cert for Gary, and there it was, a beautiful rocker glider with a lovely green gingham print that will perfectly match not only the plans for the baby's room but also the living room until said room is built. And it comes with the ottoman!

And the very best part?

Yup, less than a hundred dollars! Woo Hoo!

And because I have my camera handy, here is a super cute pic of the kids.

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Tudu said...

I love a good bargain!