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Monday, October 09, 2006

Matthew making applesauce. He was surpisingly adept at working the food mill.

Poor Katherine is sad because she is “the only yellow one in the family”. That means that she is the only person who still has blonde hair!

Earlier this week I needed to call poison control as Matthew sprayed something into his mouth. They assured me that he would be fine and suggested that I give him some milk. I poured him a glass of milk, and before I could stop him he was pouring it into a very small bottle, so essentially all over the kitchen floor. As I mopped it up he went to watch television, or so I though. I found him minutes later sitting on the coffee table, yes watching TV, as he shampooed his head at the same time. He had poured about a cup of shampoo onto his dry head and was working up a lather, in the living room. This entire scene took about ten minutes, tops. Then the next day I walk into the bathroom to this

Who is watching this child? Where is his mother? In Matthew's defence you should know that the only reason that the lotion got all over the floor is that I dropped it when I was taking it away from him. He was only putting some on his cheeks, quite neatly I might add, using his fist! :)

Today we went apple picking to get some drops to make into our famous applesauce. While we were there, and after our apple bag ripped open Matthew had a poop incident that ended with him having to ride home completely naked. I got him washed up and redressed and we went off again. We test drove a 15 passenger van that we all fell in love with. It was soooo nice. On the way home from our outing Miss Eight vomited. Ugh. She then tells us that she always gets carsick, something that would have been nice to know in advance. Tonight I made about half of my applesauce, 20 pints. So my day was literally poop, vomit, and applesauce. Nice.

Tomorrow they all go to school. Gary and I are going out to breakfast to celebrate. Does everyone remember how angry I would get when mothers would say how excited they were for school to start because they were basically saying that they didn’t want to be around their kids? Well I can’t wait for school to start. I never thought that I would see the day that I would welcome the break, but I think that 6 kids to me must me what 2 (maybe 3) are to everyone else. I am so ready for just a few minutes to talk to my husband without interruption. This week has been especially hard because I have had to purchase and entire wardrobe for Six and Eight, including EVERYTHING, socks, shoes, underwear, everything. Then I had to get them all registered for school by filling out unbelievable amounts of paperwork, find a doctor who would be willing to accept their insurance, cut their hair, sign them up for memberships and sporting activities, get them settled into their room, buy something to keep their clothes in, teach them all our household routines, and monitor the changing dynamic in the house, all with 6 kids in attendance, home from school for 5 days in a row. So forgive me, I am ready for a little break. Said break will be used to get Katherine’s bed down from the attic, re arrange clothing in the girls room, and catch up on laundry (after breakfast of course!)

To redeem myself a little I want to point out that we did take all 6 kids out to breakfast last week. They had a blast. I ended up taking all the bigger kids out to the van while Gary was getting Matthew ready to go. He left him at the table while he walked over to the napkin dispenser and all the ladies at the table behind us thought that he had been left behind! Funny.

And a quick update on the non-maternity dress, IT WORKS! hehehe

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Jerry said...

Tell Katherine her little brother is "yellow" too. Or does he not count?

Also tell her that when I was little, I couldn't understand why people called yellow hair "blonde" either!