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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I went shopping at the furniture store yesterday. I really wanted to buy additional chairs for our dining set as we always have extras for dinner. On weekends we have the kids coming for respite, and during the week we have friends of the kids arriving almost every afternoon. Our table seats six and it is perfect for our family, but no so much fun when we have company. So I went to price out some chairs and in the process I was sidetracked by some really pretty furniture that would look just perfect in Katherine’s new room…did I mention that Katherine finally has her new room? Yes, the wall is up and she has a DOOR!!!!...I digress. This furniture was so perfect for a little girl. So I asked the saleslady to show me some color samples and in the process she feels obligated to show me all the possibilities for a changing table. “You can use this as a changing table and this one of here also converts from a changing table.” “Uh, okay, thanks,” I say. Then it hits me, she thinks that I am pregnant. UGH. What a sinking feeling. When I get back to the car I tell Gary what happened and ask him if I look pregnant in the dress I am wearing. Guess what he says? Yup, he said YES! When he saw the look on my face he followed up with, “You don’t look pregnant but I could see where someone could think so with that dress.” That does little to appease my hurt feelings but I really like this dress and it is comfortable so I am going to pretend that nothing was ever said. Later that day I took Joshua and Katherine out to play soccer. I asked them.

ME: Do I look pregnant in this dress?
KATHERINE: You just look like you are going to have a baby soon.

Most of you are probably thinking by now that I should just ditch the dress, right? Well, I’ve decided that I will keep the dress and wear if on special occasions. I will be able to reap all the benefits of pregnancy without the annoying morning sickness and back pain. I shall wear the dress when I go shopping so I can park in the “expectant mothers only” spots right up front, and whenever I have an appointment where I might need to wait so I will always get a seat, and if I need work done on the van I’ll be sure to add a little wattle for effect. See, this is a good thing!

And the chairs, I almost ordered them but decided to wait until next week when I have more moolah. Then I remembered that we have some chairs in the basement. They are exactly the same design as the dining set; the only difference is that these basement chairs are shorter in back. I brought them up and they look just fine if I line them all up on one side. They actually make the room look a little bigger even though there are more chairs. Instead of $160 plus tax for two new chairs I have 3 for the price of some elbow grease. WooHoo!

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