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Monday, July 10, 2006

I have a few minutes before I have to pick up Mr. Magoo so I will bless you all with a blog entry. Yesterday was interesting in our neighborhood, and I proved that I am still an immature 5th grader.

Katherine watched as an ambulance went racing by, hitting my neighbors cat in the process. She actually watched it die. This is the cat that has been pooping in our yard and was due for deportation today. We went over to tell the owner, Gary carrying Matthew and I holding Katherine’s hand. She came out and confirmed that it was indeed her cat. We told her how sorry we were. She was concerned about getting it out of the road before her daughter came home. Then Cate (CRAZY!!!) came flying out of her house with a garbage bag, scooped up the cat, then came flying over to where we were standing at stated yelling at Tia (owner of the cat) “This wouldn’t have happened if you took better god dammed care of your animal!” “Shut up” “You shut the F up” “Go home” “You horrible Scank” and on and on. This was taking place right over my children’s heads so we began herding them inside. It was then that Cate said to Tia, “I have had it with you” and I just couldn’t take her loud mouth any more so I yelled back “I have had it with YOU!” Then she yelled at Tia that she owed her money from when Tia’s puppy tore her daughters pants, and I yelled, “what about the money that you owe me for my vet bill” referring to the time several years ago when Crazy brought her dog over to my leashed dog after being asked not to, and her dog attacked Erin resulting in a $150 vet bill. At this point Gary had to carry me into the house. He was right, I should have kept my mouth shut, but I just couldn’t believe that anyone would be so callous as to yell at someone who just found their cat lying dead in the road. It isn’t anyone’s fault that the cat got hit. At least I know how to respond when one of Cate’s children finally get killed from being left unattended all day long. “Well Cate, sorry your kid it dead but it wouldn’t have happened it you took better care of them!” GAW, what a bitch.

She called several time and Gary finally told her that we weren’t talking to her. Her behavior and language was so atrocious that we were done done done.

Other than the neighborhood theatrics things are good. We had a nice cook out with the H’s last night where I found out that Katherine is betrothed to their son in exchange for a hammock and a 7000 square foot house once they hit power ball. We leave for Mass on Friday and Canada in three weeks to camp. Hopefully they will let me back in but if you don’t’ hear from me that is where I will be.

School is done YEA! Off to enjoy summer!

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Jerry said...

"School is done YEA! Off to enjoy summer!"

congratulations! You deserve a good break now! Have a great vacation!

Ugh! Sorry about your neighbors, but at least they're not burning trash too. Look on the bright side!