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Friday, March 10, 2006

We discovered that the kittens have fleas and have been sharply snapped back into our reality, which for us did not include owning a cat. We have notified the neighbors that they need to buy the chemical needed to treat the mother, and I am really hoping that they follow through and take responsibility. I even passed along the hours that the vet would be open to purchase what is needed. I think that if they fail to step up my morning the cat and kittens with be returning to their home next door. We purchased a litter box, litter, scooper, and even food, and the cat has been consuming massive amounts of food. Why? (Why are we doing this I mean.)?

My appointment with Dr. Wonderful was yesterday. I had a huge power struggle with the nurse over wanting to see, touch, hold, and read my test results. Then I waited 45 minutes for Dr. Wonderful to arrive. He was very nice and talked to me for a long time without acting like it pained him to answer my questions. My HCG level is 10, which I found quite alarming, but Dr. Wonderful was shocked that it was so low. He said that it most likely will be normal by next week, and provided it stays normal I will be cleared for future pregnancies by fall.

Here is a list of things that I am tired of:

My house
Talk of Poop
Cat poop
Cat food


We drove to Sam’s Club this afternoon. There was a totally retarded product that I am too embarrassed to even mention that I really wanted. I was thinking about it on our drive, planning for it, needing it, yet knowing that it was a completely unnecessary thing. Yet I really wanted it. I planned to buy it anyway because I have been feeling very blue and everywhere I turn I see “take care of yourself (blah blah blah)” So I went to take it off the shelf and it has been reduced down to $1.91. I even considered buying it in different colors! Yea! How can you feel bad about splurging on $1.91? You can’t! Which is very good because I had moments earlier talked myself into buying a book that I HAD TO HAVE that cost $15.97, way more than I would EVER pay for a book (that isn’t even very good!) but I feel like the cost of the book was offset by the $1.91. Yea! The book also advocates, “take care of yourself.” I take this to mean, “Buy every stupid useless product you think you want because that is where you will find true happiness.”

The hospital counselor left 10 or so messages while we were gone, each sounding more and more desperate, “okay, so I guess someday we’ll talk…” The nurse we asked to let her know we would be away apparently did not due so. Then I got a card from the counselor the day after we returned. It was a lovely card, and in fact the only card that I received. Inside she mentioned that she had left 10 or so messages and we could reach her through the birthing center, but if we preferred not to talk to her please let the birthing center know. So I called the birthing center because I actually would like to speak with her again, and I haven’t heard a thing. Perhaps she expended all of her calling energy while we away, or perhaps the birthing center isn’t so good at delivering messages.
I guess I am done rambling for tonight. Is it bedtime yet?


Jerry said...

At least the following were not on your tired list:


Maybe the hospital counselor thought you didn't want to talk, and is now afraid you're mad at her.

Anonymous said...

What did you want to buy for $1.91?

Which birthing center did you deal with? The one close to your house or the one near Dr Wonderful's office?

Ugh no more talk about poop. What will we find to talk about now?!

I think you should return the cats due to allergies, but if you choose to keep one I thought up some more names:
and Frugal Fanny
The neighbors would think you were nuts if you went outside and started yelling "Frugal Fanny"!