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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blah Blah Blog needs to get updated.

The kids were invited to the part-time neighborhood girl’s birthday party on Saturday. Full time Dad hired out the entire roller skating rink for her party, which was completely excessive but kind of cool because there weren’t many people to contend with on the rink. It would seem a very generous thing to do for his daughter but it was soon apparent that it was more for the benefit of he and his wife than the child.

We strapped skates to Matthew thinking it was a little cruel to put wheels under his feet and then expect him to do anything but fall, but to our surprise he was terribly excited and waved goodbye to everyone he saw as he made his way out to the rink where he skated around and around like everyone else for an hour and a half! He was so adorable and we were all surprised at how well he was able to skate. He even wiggled with the music. Man he is cute!

Gary and I were spoken to about our racing. I explained to them that we weren’t racing! I was skating fast and Gary was attempting to keep up with me! But it hurt my knees. Owch! Gary wasn’t confident enough to skate/dance with me and we were totally showed up by a much younger couple.

Gary and I stopped at McDonald’s and as part of our payment we gave them one of the many penny rolls we are trying to get rid of. Later that evening I decided to have a milkshake so we hit the drive thru yet again. Our total came to $1.07. Two penny rolls and seven loose pennies. The girl at the counter was very upset at our penny rolls and told us that she couldn’t take them unless we wrote our name and telephone number on them. Hello, they are pennies! Are you afraid that maybe we slipped some dimes in there? I took them back to comply then realized that I did not want my name and number floating around McDonalds so I told the girl that I could not write on them, but I would be happy to unroll them for her to count out. She told us there wasn’t any place that would take them without a name and number. We knew of at least one…THIS MCDONALDS!!! Next time we will be prepared with our snappy combos:
Joe Shmoe 411
Captain Crunch 1-800- EAT-ME
Mickey Mouse 1-407-W-DISNEY
Big Bird (insert catchy tune!)

Quiet little Noah continues to grow in popularity. He rode home a different bus with his friend Jordan. Apparently he made some new friends on the bus because before long the new friends were at Jordan’s door asking if Noah was around. He is so funny. From the very first day of kindergarten he was super popular. It was actually a bit scary when he came home with four phone numbers of little girls who told him that he MUST call him that evening. “But Mom, they told me I HAD to call, tonight!”

The room switch is just about done. I need to locate a decent rug for Noah and Matthew’s room and pick up another bookshelf and their room will be completed. For Katherine’s room we need to find a bed. A twin, double or bunk beds will all work, but I haven’t come across anything lately. And oh yeah, we need a wall, but other than that things are looking good up there. Joshua’s walls are a wild orange, his bed/couch is red, and the other furniture is white and light colored wood. Everything is pulled together by the super funky diamond rug that encompasses all the colors in it. His room has been SPOTLESS since it’s completion. He vacuums every day!

We finally got our referral to a broker in Columbia. It was a bit hard because it seems that very few people have even heard of Columbia, despite it being the capitol and all! The local broker sent the first referral to Columbia, North Carolina. Then two others told me they had never heard of Columbia, South Carolina. I told someone else how surprised I was and she admitted that she herself had no idea there was a Columbia, South Carolina. I knew it was the capitol, but I began to doubt myself. Perhaps I was confused? Rest assured, I looked it up in Time For Kids 2006 and Columbia is still the capitol of South Carolina.

So I got to talk with “Clyde” the broker from the obscure little city of Columbia. It was very hard to understand his thick accent. I wonder if he felt the same way? He wanted me to understand the situation where real estate prices have gone up 1, 2, and even 300% in the last few years. Unfortunately I am very familiar with this as I live on the east coast too! It is annoying when prices go up because it never seems like you can get as much from your own house as you would need for a different house.

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