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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mostly about food, and how wonderful food is.

We arrived safely on Monday afternoon, and as promised our first stop Tuesday morning was the Krispy Kreme store. Oh my GOD!!!! Mmm mm mm mm mm. Even the coffee was the best coffee I had had in years. The fact that it had been about six weeks since I had been able to consume food at all made the KK experience that much better.

I am feeling a thousand times better by the way.

We went to the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) and paid extra to see the Bodies exhibit. Big mistake. They took real human bodies and separated out different systems and had them all on display. BLAH. My father thought it might be too graphic for the kids but the museum people assured us that it would be just fine. The muscles look remarkably like freezer burnt chicken and the blood was just plain nasty. Not to even mention all the penises hanging out all over the place. We couldn’t even finish the tour; it was so revolting that we had to leave. The kids recovered quickly and we headed over to the kids area where we all had a blast.

Today my father pepper spayed the children and how it happened was quite ironic. He had promised a gift to the boys and after several days of waiting they were becoming impatient. Noah wanted to ask him about it but didn’t want to talk to him, so Joshua thought it quite funny that Noah was afraid of Grandpa and carried him over to the desk where Grandpa was working. We were all joking about how Grandpa didn’t bite when my father pulled out a vial of pepper spray thinking it was a loud horn that would scare the children and sprayed it in all their faces! I told Noah that he now had good reason to be afraid of Grandpa and in the future he should follow his instincts! They all recovered quickly, thankfully, but I cannot believe that my father pepper sprayed my kids!

Last night we went to Sonny’s barbeque and it was amazing. It was the best service we have had in ages, and the food, well again, when you haven’t had food in awhile it tastes really (REALLY) good!

The beach has been a big hit with everyone. The seagulls have been so much fun. We discovered that they would take food right from our hands, or from the heads of unsuspecting children (bahahaha!). Joshua found a bunch of sponges that he plans to hang in his new room, and Katherine and Noah found a ton of little shells and crafted little boxes to keep them in.

I can’t believe that it is February. It is messing with my head that it is winter and I am at the beach. Could someone please remind we why we have chosen to raise our family in Maine? I think that when we leave here we are going to poke around in Georgia for a while. Gary and I both found houses that we love on Realtor for well under $100,000. I need to find a way to afford the winter bird lifestyle. Any suggestions?

Here is another interesting little tidbit that I have been thinking about. Last week when I found out the baby had died I was still quite opposed to going to the hospital. At that point it was mentioned in passing that I might have this “molar pregnancy” but all that was really discussed was that the baby had died and my body hadn’t caught on yet and we needed to get it out. That night I tried to get a hold of Nancy, a friend who is a world famous author and midwife. My purpose was to seek her advice, but mainly to find out what herbs would induce a miscarriage at home. I never got a hold of her, but if I had I wouldn’t have had sense enough to remember that molar pregnancy had been mentioned. If I had gotten a hold of her I would have stayed home. If I had stayed home I would have died that night. Now that is a sobering thought, especially from a woman who has given birth at home, alone, with intention. Wow.

I have been changed by this whole experience. I guess anyone would be, but things that I thought we are given, now are not. Reality has gone and changed. Damn.


Jerry said...

Could someone please remind we why we have chosen to raise our family in Maine?

I have never understood how ANYONE could tolerate life in Maine, where it isn't even warm enough in August!
Move to Georgia!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why does your dad carry pepper spray?? I just cannot imagine my dad with it. I don't think that very many people in Maine have it.

Jen said...

Please don't move away...or if you do move, let us come visit! :)

I laughed out loud at your dad pepper spraying the boys. I could totally see the surprise on their faces and yours, being concerned while trying not to laugh at the same time.

I'm glad that you're feeling better. I think about you every day! When will you be home?

- Jen