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Sunday, November 13, 2005

We did the limbo and the chicken dance!

Yesterday we went to the “meet and greet” which is just a more PC name for the adoption party. This party was geared toward teens, and they had the baseball team from a local college there to help out. This caused most of the teenage girls to be unable to speak coherently as they were quite busy ogling at the boys.

We were sitting at one of the craft tables when I looked up and saw a beautiful young girl sitting alone at the next table. I quickly pushed the kids over the her table with the promise of making a “really cool pencil thing!” P is an amazing young lady! She is 14 and shares a birthday with my Mom. P likes to ride horses and loves to craft, especially scrapbooking! Our entire family loved her and thought she was great. We ate lunch together, did the limbo and even the chicken dance. She was wonderful with Matthew, and spent most of her time dancing with him. She even painted him a hat. He art work by the way puts mine to shame!

Her worker was also at the party and we had an opportunity to speak with her as well. Things sound very positive for P, and we can’t wait to see her again. We are all so excited about P. I am eager for Monday to arrive so I can speak to her worker again.

The bathroom remodel continues. I had to give up last night after I cut a tile on the wrong side, and the next four attempts at getting it right resulted in broken tiles. It is such a long, tedious process. I know that I will feel great when it is all done and I can say that I did it myself. Hopefully we will get the sub floor down before Dad has to leave tomorrow, then I can start tiling the floor. Happy happy joy joy!

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